Inside Selling Secrets: Expert Tips to get the Most Money for your Home

April 25
Is it time to sell your house? Then it's time to think about how to get top dollar for your property. The asking price that you might be considering now is simply the starting point. Here are four insider secrets to prepare your digs to look incredible, without breaking the bank or taking up too much of your time. 1. Give your home a new coat! A fresh coat of exterior mak...

ZENRUN 5K Race Takes Meditative Running To A New Level Worldwide

October 20, 2017
ZENRUN 5K Race takes Meditative Running to a new level worldwide. Running is an exercise that revitalizes and strengthens the body. Meditation is an exercise that revitalizes and strengthens the mind. While many find running meditative, Be Love Foundation, Inc's ZENRUN takes it to a whole new level. The ZENRUN 5K race that will take place on November 19th, 2017 at the Historic Virginia K...

ICAE One Of Only 3 Education Evaluation Agencies Approved By UNESCO

September 18, 2017
UNESCO has extended its approval to the International Center for Academic Evaluation (ICAE). ICAE is now one of only three academic evaluation member organizations with UNESCO approval. The purpose of the UNESCO Policy on Education is to establish a standard for the cultivation of high-quality education worldwide that prepares students to enter into a global marketplace and cultiv...

SP Larner Global Dispute Resolution Of Los Angeles Brings Mediation To Hawaii

June 19, 2017
Dispute Resolution Collaborative, LLC Launches Mediation and Arbitration Office in Maui in collaboration with David R. Johanson of Hawkins Parnell Thackston & Young LLP (“Hawkins Parnell”).   Dr. Saul Larner has been long known for his coined and accurate term, “Settlement is an Art.”   This premier dispute resolution firm offers professional mediation and arbitration solution...

The UNESCO You Don’t Know

June 16, 2017
It’s no coincidence – UNESCO Centre South America may have a similar name to the United Nations’ UNESCO headquartered in Paris, but the South American institution is determined to provide not only trenchant criticism of its rival but also a real alternative to UNESCO’s educational policies.   What is UNESCO? The UNESCO you already know stands for United Nations Educational, Scientific...

Massage Confirmed As A Necessary Component Of Comprehensive Health & Wellness

January 30, 2017
Regular Massage Confirmed a Necessary Component of Your Comprehensive Health and Wellness Massage is more than a just a luxury, studies confirm. More and more doctors, clinics, and researchers, including the Mayo Clinic confirm that massage is an essential component of a comprehensive health and wellness plan. Everywhere in our culture, we see massage. Professional sports teams have ...

The Secret Ingredient that SEO Firms Won’t Tell You

January 06, 2017
You have a business and you are trying to take it to the next level. You already have a website and an online presence, but still, something is missing. You need a video. “It has been proven repeatedly that websites that use videos get a higher ranking on Google,” Sheila Danzig, head of marketing at 345AnimationVideos, reports. “This is the secret ingredient that works every time. One cl...

Upgrade Your Business:Advice from IT Expert at International Enterprise Services

January 06, 2017
 People flock to tech for information, resources, services, and shopping. Technology and the Internet present opportunities for small businesses to flourish, but only if they can use this tool to their advantage.   Tom Cheever is the President and CEO of prominent web design and technology company International Enterprise Services (IES), Inc., based out of historic Plymouth, Massachusett...

Insider's Secrets for Growing Your Business and SEO With Publicity

January 06, 2017
Small businesses and individual entrepreneurs have it rough when it comes to garnering publicity…or so it may seem. It’s easy to give up quickly – or before you even start for that matter – because competing with PR firms and entire company PR departments is daunting and discouraging, to say the least. However, publicity is not as inaccessible as individuals and small businesses may believe....

Residents Of Miami Beach Take On Train To Nowhere

September 15, 2016
Local South Beach resident Robert Lansburgh lives on Fifth Street, one of the main stretches of the four-mile loop the new South Beach Loop light rail train is set to be. This loop would travel up Washington Avenue, cross 17th or Dade Boulevard, travel down Alton Street, and then along Fifth Street. Lansburgh is not alone in his protest. In fact, he has launched a popular Facebook Page entit...
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